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9 months ago

Email soft bounce

What is the proper department to discuss issues with email?  I am trying to receive email from a provider I am subscribed to, and stopped getting emails from the on the 24th.  The sender says their logs indicate emails being blocked as a "soft bounce".

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    A soft bounce is an email that's temporarily undeliverable.  Is your Inbox full?  (The amount of storage used is indicated in the lower left corner of Inbox, below the email folders).  Was the sender's email too large?  I haven't heard of Webmail issues in the last few days so it probably wasn't a Cox server issue.  Did the sender give you the bounce code?  If not, can you ask for it?

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    not sure who is filling up a 10GB inbox!
    But no, inbox not full (412MB of /10GB used)
    Asking for a soft bounce code...