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2 years ago

Email page changes

Are you guys messing around with your email site? Have noticed that when replying to an email the typing area has shrunk to the point I had to reduce the size of my onscreen keyboard to compensate. Otherwise I cannot see much of what I'm typing. Also noticing when a check sent emails and trash there is now an X in the upper right corner that I have to click onto see anything. Otherwise the page is blank. Thought maybe I had a problem on my end so deleted and reinstalled email app. Still the same.

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    And what's up with the giant white banner at the top of the page?  It's just an empty void.  Cox will probably fill it with ads or if Cox is already filling it with ads, my AdBlock has defeated it.

    And what's up with the dropdown arrow on the Trash folder?  It even contains a redundant folder called "Trash" as well as another folder with gibberish for a name called "vwjmlumxjnomcolbdfbuguxyogvbhbhq."

    You're supposed to test stuff before putting it online.

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      Do you use a mail client on another device, like a cell phone or tablet, vs using just Webmail? If so, then the folder you are talking about was probably created when the devices synced to Cox's imap server, and  there was some data corruption during the sync. That would also cause something like a duplicated trash folder as well. 

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        Nope.  Only one device checks my account on Cox webmail.

  • @GZ, We did have some maintenance performed on our webmail service that has since been resolved. You should no longer experience issues with the email service at this time. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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      That's funny because my webmail page is messed up as well so you didn't fix anything

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        @Peggy8080, I recommend clearing your cache/cookies for the website and let us know if there is any change. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      You misspelled "glitches."

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      You didn't resolve one of the issues.  After I compose and send an email, there is a white box with an "X" in the upper-right obscuring the view pane.  You have to click the "X" to close it.  Why is this there?

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        Yeah, that's new.  Send email.  Click "Sent objects".  Where did it go?   What's this white screen with an "X" in the upper right?  Click the "X".  Oh, there are my "Sent objects". 

        Changes need to be more thoroughly tested before being moved to production.