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4 years ago

email is down AGAIN!

this morning all of my email accounts cannot be accessed by outlook. don't bother telling me it's my computer, it's not, this keeps happening a couple of times a week. after a while it starts working again. the error messages vary.

sometimes it reports my usernames or passwords are wrong (they are not)

sometimes it reports the accounts are not available.

sometimes it reports the server is unavailable.

all my other non cox accounts work fine in outlook.

I have tried calling in but tier I support is always clueless about this stuff. IF I force this to get escalated to Tier II they (tier II) always tell me something is down. why can they not tell Tier I support about outages?

They really need a status page you can go to and find out if there are problems.

since email is down I won't get notices of respones to this post.

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    4 years ago
    Hi HappyNess. The issue with emails not working with 3rd party email clients has been resolved. - Lisa, Cox Support Forums Moderator

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