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5 years ago

Dropped connection every 12 hours

Every day at 11:50 am and pm i lose my connection.  I have looked at my router (Apple Airport Extreme) and I see nothing about the DHCP that could cause it.  Only manual options I have are  renew DHCP lease and no matter what time I hit that it doesn't affect the loss at 11:50, and manually setting the DNS servers which are, and  Could someone take a look at my modem and see what might be happening? 

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      Also seeing timeouts on the modem please unplug the power cord for 2 minutes unscrew both ends of the coax connection and check conductors (copper pin) to make sure they're not bent. Once connected back we can check the signal levels again.

      Jonathan J
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        • Hi, Coax cable not bent. Even tried removing the linking coax from the outside service box to the modem, and just connected the service cable directly to modem. Same issue. Issues seem to be outside infrastructure or cox service related issues. Today i randomly lost connect 3 times. Yesterday 4 times. I Emailed for more personalized support.