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5 years ago

Download speeds 1/10 from previous. Problems with Cox in West Valley (Goodyear AZ)?

Since I noticed it last night, my internet download speeds have deteriorated form 900-700Mbps to 70Mbps. Nothing has changed in my system. I had new neighbors move in next door a few days ago if that matters. Upload speed is fine. Modem shows SNR of 37.8-40.9 Downstream and 40.3-41.0 upstream (which I believe is great). Log has occasional Time Sync failure and Dynamic Range Window violation but this was occurring before the speed problem and should have nothing to do with it. I've had no dropouts that I know of. I'm connecting my modem directly to the incoming cable. My equipment is a Netgear CM1000 connected to a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter-12-P and a Cisco switch connected to that. All my tests are done directly wired to modem using the Speedtest App on Mac OS X (latest). Any help?