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Downgraded my "Gigajoke" service to the 250 plan, getting the same speed for $40 less. LOL

I've been a customer for more than 30 years.  Over the past year, Cox has become worse and worse.  I've had "Gigajoke" for a while and usually got about 350/35 on a good day.  Last week it was totally out for several hours.  Today it works for a moment and then it's 20 down and 0 up, totally unusable.  My AT&T 1 bar LTE is running circles around Cox right now. 

I've finally had enough, so I downgraded my "Gigajoke" to the 250 plan and it tested out at 300/15 on my first attempt at the new speed.  But now it is back in the crapper again.  But at least I'm saving some $$ now for the same crappy speed.

Just biding my time til AT&T fiber decides to service my area.  Their fiber is running 15' away from my house, but they bypassed my neighborhood.  Once they are here though, I'm gone from Cox!!

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  • @Bwiley1, I recommend sending us an email with your full name, address, and a brief description of the issue to -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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    Good call!  Gigabit service is a lot of download data which you'd probably never realize even if Cox was providing 1 billion bits per second to your house.  Most people, however, get gigabit service because it has higher upload as well...mostly gamers need this higher upload.

    I've noticed Cox has increased or added higher plans...such as increasing 150 Mbps to 250 and adding 2 gigabit...but absolutely refuse to offer a 100 Mbps or increase the 50 Mbps to 100.  Why?  Because some subscribers realize they don't need anything over 150 Mbps and will downgrade their plans and pay less money.

    I only need 100 Mbps...which I had originally subscribed...and as soon as Cox (expectantly) increases the price of their 250 Mbps plan...which I didn't subscribed or need but was forced to take because Cox kept eliminating their realistic plans...I'll downgrade to 50 Mbps.