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4 years ago

Down internet hurricane

I need cox help....been on phone so many times, and all just set me appointment.

I have internet flicking had filters changed, now totally out. Tv freezes like pixels. This is all do to hurricane sally, all of monarch lane out, they put up temp line so we were all told. Now everyone having same issues. 

I just want to report out, not someone come out in my house find a problem. Its not me, I think the problem is known just not fixing it. Just fix it, save a dozen calls for tech service.

Monarch ln 32503

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    Since you are having technical issues, we cannot schedule a work order for someone to check the lines outside. We will have to schedule a trouble call in a 2-hour time slot to allow the technician access to your equipment. It is possible that if we make changes outside, it could potentially cut all your services out. If you like to proceed please email your full name and address to Also, include a link to this thread.

    Jonathan J
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