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4 years ago


Just got an e-mail suggesting COX is here to "...keep you safe...".  Suggesting that I can depend on COX while working at home.  Last ten days experience...

-Running at best at half download speed which I have paid for

-Out between 4 and 8 times per day

Good thing this not a "life & death" situation...

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    Cox is UNABLE to meet the demand. Their equipment is overwhelmed and were unable to meet the requirements BEFORE the Corona Virus. I have had the tech support guys out to check my wiring, modem, etc., multiple times because of performance issues I noticed. Finally I got a supervisor out and learned the truth. They unable to meet their performance requirements and this was BEFORE the lockdown of COVID19.  Now it is even worse. They continue to sell packages that they cannot support and we continue to pay for a service that we are not receiving.  So how stupid are we?

    I was just downgrading my package from Preferred 150 down to the base, because all we are receiving is base services. Cox is a fraud.  I stopped their TV service long ago but kept the internet because it was the only option in my area. But I must say Cox NEVER fails to disappoint. They are strictly a marketing company and customer service be damned.

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      This is all true. Been having packet loss and and latency issues for months. Have had multiple techs and maintenance come out and STILL NO CHANGE. It's ridiculous when they all tell you the same thing and do multiple things to "find the issue" when the issue is straight from them. Ridiculous company.

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        You said it perfectly, can we all sign a petition or something?

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      Agreed...I have a wired connection and I'm testing speed at 3 mbps paying for 300mbps. Its tanking hard randomly all day everyday.

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        Well, I'm paying for 1000 Mbps and getting less than 10 Mbps LOL.  

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      Yep, you are speaking the truth. It was already bad now its worse.

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    Latency test show a high reuse delays between 20 ms to 250 ms pinging ,so working from home using voip phone  is so bad and choppy that i am afraid to lose my job.

    My svc is Preferred 150 Internet Service ..and is 100 Mb  /10 not sure how is called 150..

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      Hello, if you are still having concerns regarding your service? Please reach us on Twitter at @CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or email at Provide us your name and the complete service address with a link to this thread so we can get started.