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disappointed customer losing money due to constant area internet outages. Job at risk. No help from cox

There is constantly an area outage in my area. It is becoming very stressful. I am forced to miss work and lose money when the service is out. I called for an explanation and was told absolutely nothing. They don’t know why the equipment that services my area always has issues. It is not fair to customers. I have been considering switching to the satellite company is my are as options are very limited. What can be done to resolve an area that constantly experiences outages? Why hasn’t cox addressed this with customers who are consistently out of service?

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    I feel your pain man. I do day trading sometimes and this is killing me the last 2 days.. Been out since yesterday at 930am.. While some of my trading can be automated and I can put my forex trading up on a VPS for that purpose other stuff I have to take action on either way and with the net down its basically a no go... 

  • Hello Ldixon25. I do not see any outages in your immediate area at this time and your modem is up and running with good signals. Are you still having issues with the internet service? -Allan Cox Support Forums Moderator.