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2 years ago

Disappearing e-mails

Has anyone had e-mails received disappear from their inbox. I had 3 months of e-mails received disappear between 4/22/2022 and 7/22/0222. Technical Support does not know what happened.

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    @Tennis Fan

    Can you tell us if you are using cox webmail or a third-party client?

    Jonathan J
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    If you're using a third-party client to access your emails and you set your email account(s) using the IMAP server rather than the POP server and didn't have the option to keep or not remove emails from the Cox server, whenever you deleted an email while using the third-party client those emails were also deleted (and gone forever) from the Cox server. Your best option to prevent this from happening in the future is so edit your email account setup info on the third-party client to be sure the server info is changed from IMAP to POP. Assuming the info is the same for all Cox email accounts, the server info should be Incoming: (Port 995) and the SSL box is selected regarding Security type. Be sure you have the option to select "Never" auto delete from server. Outgoing: (Port 465) and SSL is selected as well as selecting "Requiring authentication to send emails". This is how all of my third-party clients (on 2 PCs, a Tablet & my Android phone) are set up. Periodically, you need to log in to Cox email accounts to manually delete your Inbox of all the emails you no longer need to be on the Cox server. Good luck.