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5 years ago

Did CenturyLink cut my cables?

I switched from Cox to CenturyLink two years ago. Now I’m trying to switch back to cox. Last week I signed up with Cox, opted for self install and activated account. But no Internet. Long story short, when I look at the Cox box on side of my house both cables have been cut. When I look at cable coming from street/up from ground, it bypasses the old Cox box and connects directly to my inside cable. I’m thinking this may have been done by the CenturyLink guy - I only had internet with them, but I think they were pushing TV service as well.

My question, if I splice some cables, and reconnect to Cox box, will I be good to go, or is there another service panel in the HOA where a Cox install guy has to turn something else on?

I only ask this because with the pandemic, no Cox install guys are available for the near future.

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