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6 years ago

Desperate for help!! Poor WiFi

I signed up with Cox about 4 weeks ago (only ISP available). Because I'm an IT guy and I know that I can get better equipment than the modem/router that Cox has, I purchased my own equipment. The equipment that I originally purchased was not the best, but it was still capable of handling the job. (Netgear CM700 modem and Netgear R6700 Nighthawk AC1750). With this setup, I was only able to get about 20-30 mbps down right next to the router with nothing else attached to the network. I contacted support and they told me that my modem was bad. I hardwired my laptop directly to the modem and I was getting 75mbps (I pay for 100). So, I wasn't thrilled that hardwired I wasn't getting faster speeds, but I can live with 75. But the problem is, once the connection goes to a router, it completely drops off. 

Well I didn't want to deal with Cox trying to blame my equipment again, so I went back to the store and got an Arris Surfbvoard SB8200 DOCSIS 3.1 modem and a Netgear Nighthawk X6 AC3200. Completely over the top for my speeds and my 1 bedroom apartment, but I really don't want them blaming my equipment. With this setup, I was getting about the same speeds. 

I log onto my cox account to contact support again because of my poor speeds, and there was a thing that came up and said that I could upgrade to 300 mbps for only $10 more a month. I upgraded and after I rebooted my equipment, my speeds were actually worse than when I was on the 100mbps plan. I got on the support chat to try and figure out what's up, just for the tech to tell me that my modem was bad...again. Even though this was another brand new modem. I told them that's what they said to me last time and I already replaced the modem. The CS rep said that they would have to send a tech out to see what's wrong. The tech comes out, runs some speed tests wirelessly and wired and he comes to the conclusion that it's a fault with the router. I tell him that I've already been through 2 routers and I'm buying decent equipment. He didn't have any other suggestions for me. I told him to go out to his van, grab one of their modem/routers, and see what happens when we try to connect to that. Sure enough, I was getting 300mbps+ across the room. 

So I go back to the store and pick up a Linksys Max Stream AC4000, and the speeds still weren't acceptable. I take it back to the store and get an ASUS AC3100 router and at this point, I'm getting 14mbps on the 2.4 Ghz network and 90 on the 5Ghz, sitting right next to the router and nothing else connected to the network. 

Just as a scientific test, I wanted to get one of their modem/routers again to see if there is anything suspect I can find in it and when I hook it up, I'm not getting those speeds that I was getting the last time their modem/router was connected. 

So now I'm at a complete loss. I have tried changing the channels they broadcast on and that didn't work. I've reset everything back to factory multiple times, I've updated the firmware on everything, I've tried hardwiring directly to the routers and even that didn't work. CS is useless and they just tell me to do things that I've already done a million times. 

It really seems like they are able to throttle 3rd party equipment or there is something within their modem/router that is necessary in order to get higher speeds. 

Anyone else have issues using their own equipment?

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    I see you've been testing your speeds as recently as today and those results appears to be where they should. Are you still experiencing problems or did you make any changes?

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      Hi Chris. Yes, I've been running speed tests and I'm getting nowhere near what I pay for. I'm sitting right next to the router with nothing else connected to the network and I'm getting 51mbps down

      I'm definitely still experiencing problems .I just activated my own equipment today and I'm running tests. So far it's not looking too good

      Update: just ran the speed test again after rebooting model and hit 35 down

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        Hi Mattselkirk, so that we can get an idea of your current speeds, please log into and run the Cox Speed Check Tool several times. Thanks! -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator