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3 years ago

Data usage when not watching any TV

We just started our service with Cox Cable Contour wireless cable. I am keeping tabs on our data usage and see that data is being used (some TV's that are not even on) even when we are not watching TV (i.e. not at home, at work, etc.). Is there a way to turn the cable box off or minimize the amount of data being sucked up when we are not even using the cable? 

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    Your data usage isn't restricted to only televisions.  Some of your unattended, online devices might be updating software, updating servers, downloading email, telephone calls, security cameras, etc.

    If you've considered this, sometimes standalone streamers, such as Roku, might be still streaming but just not outputting to a display.  The neighbor's kid may have cracked your network encryption key and downloading stuff.

    Data usage counts everything; however, moderators have attested regular TV-programming (ABC, NBC, Fox New, HBO, etc) isn't counted as data.

    How much data are you questioning?