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5 years ago

Data Usage Meter is like driving x-country without a fuel gauge

First, I wish to state that I have been a loyal Cox customer for far too many years.  I started when it was know as the @home network.

Over the years I watched my bill skyrocket.  I have watched services be removed while the price continues to go up.  A few years back (I believe 2012) the "Data Usage Meter" was introduced.  When I questioned a rep about its purpose, the response was to help determine if a "hacker" had attached to my system.  I asked about charging for the amount of data used and was told "NEVER".  The service was an UNLIMITED service.  As we all know, the Usage Meter soon became active and warnings were issued if you exceed limits.  Now, we are hard limited to 1Tb of data in a one month period without incurring additional charges.

Now, here is the problem I am having.  I watch my data usage on a DAILY basis.  During the month, the usage for the prior day is updated usually before I awake.  But I have noticed that almost every month, the update to the meter a few days prior to the end of a billing cycle, the meter does not update on time.  It is now 1:00 pm on the 18th and I have no update to the usage on the 17th.  On my last day of the billing cycle, I have no idea just how much data I have used or have remaining.

PLEASE, PLEASE Fix the tools you have given us to remain within the limitations you have imposed.

Update - Finally updated at 7:30 pm on my final billing day.  Since the new billing cycle, usage has been updated prior to 6:00 am each day.  

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    it's not real time meter & if you're streaming movies/videos it's on you.

    i stream 2 radio stations 12-16 hours a day & never get close.

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      I realize it is not real time.  It's not even close to real time.  However, when it does not even update within the better part of a day, its a rather useless option to "do my part".  I realize it is also "on me".  I have functionality within my router to track usage.  Will Cox use my data to confirm or dispute the usage during a month?

      While your usage may be well within the limtis, those of us that do more than just listen to the radio (stream Netflix, Disney, Hulu, YouTube and others) may need to keep a closer watch on the data used.  Throw a few other devices into the equation along with others viewing different content, the problem grows quickly.

      "Bearone2", not sure if you are a Cox rep.  Why does this issue only seem to appear toward the end of a billing cycle.   Today is my last day and I have no idea what remains in the tank.

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      To your point, the system is not "real time".  It is nowhere near even "close to time".  It is now 5:00 pm on the 18th and the 17th has yet to be populated with data.  17+ hours into the next day of data usage.