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5 years ago

Data usage for tv shows/movies via Contour

I'm new to Contour 2 and I enjoy the features built into the box.  I noticed a big increase in my data usage (from 300GB to 750 GB) the first month on Contour.  I had days that were in the 45-50 GB range.  What I'm wondering is do movies and TV episodes that show up in my Contour 2 guide as "On Demand", even though they are free, count against my data cap?  For example, I'm paying for HBO - so a movie that's on HBO also shows up in the On Demand portion of the guide.  If I record and watch it later, obviously it doesn't count against my data cap.  But if I select "start over" or "watch now", that has to be downloaded to the Contour 2 over the internet.

Also, I'm assuming any YouTube or Netflix via the Contour 2 box is the same as using my Apple TV 4 box - it would count against my data cap.

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    Wait a minute.  Am I getting this correct? Items that you play on your cable box as on demand are deducted from your data allowance?  WTF.  Youtube and Netflix I get, but wow, unbelievable. 

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      Will - I don't think the on demand counts - if I read Maria's article correctly.  There isn't an icon (Internet) on them in the Contour 2 guide. 

      I'm seeing higher spikes on days that I use apps (primarily Starz or Showtime) from my Apple TV 4 - which are in HD.  The Contour 2 guide doesn't have everything that's available, so in order to watch old episodes of Outlander, my wife needs to stream them.  

      I'm guessing that I'll need to pay the $50 extra a month for unlimited as soon as more content is available in 4K streaming.  If there was an alternative, I would look into it - but in my neighborhood, the competition is only 20 mbps.  Hopefully, the cap will go up as the 4K content demands go up.  

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    If you are not selecting shows trough an app on your Smart TV...Netflix, HBO Go, YouTube, does NOT affect your data cap.

    I don't have Contour so I don't know its on-screen guide.  Meaning, is Netflix on-demand commingled with cable-TV on-demand?  If so, be leery about selecting them, especially if the Netflix shows are marked Internet.

    If you're purposely not selecting app programs, you're still seeing an increase in your data usage.  It could be an unauthorized user on your wireless network.  Change your WiFi password.

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    Our datat usage doubled for no apparent reason that I can find.  This happened to my daughter last month and now me this month.  I work 8 hours during the day and not home much in the evenings.  I don't do any gaming, I watch you  tube, play words with friends, use face book and Quick books.  and watch some Direct TV.  I changed my password and turned on the traffic meter to make sure Cox is correct in my usage.  I will not pay more for there internet.  I am trying to get a hold of someone that will put a cap on my usuage when I have used it all in a month.  My daugher is looking at other options too.