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4 years ago

Data Caps are not balanced in 2020

Hello. Data Caps are absolutely a joke. They're systems put in place to simply generate more money. In 2020, almost EVERYTHING is online, taking up bandwidth. Right now, countless people are going over their data caps during this pandemic and Cox is collecting on them like the mafia. If you think $50 ADDITIONAL is fair for this packet loss ** service, stop reading.

Data caps are extremely unbalanced. I just went to check on my data usage, and its over 1tb again. I shouldn't have done it to myself, but here we are because of your practices COX. I wanted to see if i was hitting my data cap and if i could simply download something without going over. And guess what lol,  I hit my data cap, and, well, i still want to simply download something. I want to use my service that i pay $100+ a month for. I don't want to pay $10 per 50 gb to continue to use my service. In what world is this not an insane, mafia-esque tactic? Maybe Trump's America and with Ajit Pi's damage, but lets not even go that far. How in the world is it not insane, with some of these frivolous game downloads are 100gb +? So, if I download 5 new games, i hit about 500gb. Thats half of my data cap for 5 big games. Thats not streaming or actually playing them either. Thats half or more, GONE, just from using my service normally. Then those same games have updates that can also be 100gb. So now there's 5 updates a month, thats another 500gb. Thats my data cap lol. AND THEN we have streaming movies, the bandwidth it takes to actually play the games etc.

It makes absolutely no sense. In anyway. At all. Ever, in 2020. You have to be the thickest headed person in the world to think this is any semblance of fair, or someone who makes money from these practices, or Ajit Pi himself. It is absolutely infuriating. I can't use my service normally. A big game comes out in a few days: Cyberpunk. Right now my data is at 1000gb. And I'll be downloading Cyberpunk. And that will probably make me go 100gb over my data cap. And that will run me $10 per 50gb. So potentially $20 just to download a game. Not to buy it, but to download it, to use the service which i already pay for.

Simply raise the data cap or remove it entirely. There is no way 1tb is a fair and balanced data cap in 2020. There is no reason to make people feel ill over their data usage. There is no reason to make people pay an additional $50 to use their $100 service normally. Imagine not really having $50 to simply hand over out of the blue (and before someone says 'what about the money you spend on the games,' lol, i'm most concerned with the games i've already bought, deleted to make room, and now download again to play). I'm not a person who wouldn't miss $50. I need that $50. You obviously dont and you obviously know that. I want the least stress possible, especially from an INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER. I don't want to think about if a download is costing me $20-$50 for something I already own... Some day it'll change but until then, guess I'll just keep feeling ill over the situation, in the midst of a pandemic, while you make money from it.

Here is the $20 I owe you for the 100gb patch that automatically downloaded overnight while i slept. I'm sorry, I should've payed more attention. Oh, there's another option? $50 for unlimited? So I can pay $20 extra or $50 extra. What about the third option where I already payed you $100+ for the month of service, and I don't have to cough up more?

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