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2 months ago

Daily Internet connection fail between 1-5am. Only factory reset router seems to work, please help

Every day, every single day between 1am and 5am( I'm sleeping so I'm not exactly sure when) the internet stops working. WiFi connection is still there but no internet. Logging into the router, everything looks fine except when I go to troubleshooting > network diagnostics and test connectivity, put in Any website and it comes back with " Error_CannotResolveHostName". So far regular resets, unplug and turn back on do Not work.  Issue persists. However a factory reset resolves the errors and connects back to the internet.  

I'm at a loss for what the cause truly is and even more than that I'm unsure what to do.  COX keeps telling me to go through the reset options that have consistently not worked. I have a solution to get internet, but the real problem is that I shouldn't be factory resetting my router Daily just to connect.  




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  • Hi Jrags51,



    I'm sorry you've been having this experience. I'd like to take a look at the modem logs. Please email my team at Please include a reference to this post.



    Thank you.