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6 months ago

Customer service

I have had the worst experience getting the information I needed. All the numbers they've given me nobody ever answers I was on my phone for 30 minutes waiting for somebody to answer three times I did this it was very upsetting very frustrating I really don't recommend Cox to anybody.

Then I asked them to send somebody up because I had to complete Care and nobody they always want to answer my problems over the phone and I want somebody visually to be here to help me and they never done have sent anybody out


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  • Hi iloveu2,


    This issue is not something other members of our forums community can assist with so please reach us on Twitter at CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or by email at Please include your full name, complete street address and details of your concern in your message.


    Cox Forums Support Moderator

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      Other members can't give contact information out? Did you just copy/paste that answer?

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    Try using one of the contact methods in the Welcome thread. Twitter(X) is fastest/best if you have it.

    Besides that, is there any question us users can help with? What were you calling to ask?