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4 years ago

Customer service complaint and does it really matter which Coax I use?

I am posting on this forum because there does not seem to be a single person in the organization that actually cares.  I take that back.  There were 2 people today who were very nice.  But apparently, you have to spend 7 hours on chats on phone before you get anyone that can actually even attempt to resolve the issue.   Then that person says that she can't help me.   So basically it was oh well you can upgrade to Gigablast.   7 hours to be told I have to reorganize my entire office because my existing coax cable can't be used and I have to use a 3' cable.  Sorry guess I'm not upgrading.  I would cancel my entire contract if I could.   But sadly there is no other choice in Fountain Hills, AZ.  So I have to deal with absolute incompetence and indifference.   the supervisor that was the only person who had even the ability to assist me didn't in any way care about my inconvenience.   I ask to file a complaint about how I was passed around given bad phone numbers over 7 hours.  I had to repeat the serial number 5 times.   So I'm writing here because she would not take my complaint or provide me with a person to translate the clear repeated failings in their support system.