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5 years ago

CoxWiFi Hotspot problems


I've been using a public Wifi hotspot at a location for about a month, but it has all kinds of issues. 

1) For computer 1, whenever I connect to the CoxWifi, the browsers do not load up the cox wifi login screen, no matter what I do.  I have to connect to my phone's hotspot to use this device. 

2) Device 2 usually connects okay, but the hotspot will randomly kick me off and force me to relogin.  And when I relogin it says it can't log me in, but the internet starts working again anyway even though it says it can't log me in.

3) Device 2 USUALLY connects, but sometimes it shows the same behavior as device 1 and refuses to load up the login page when I'm connected to the cox wifi and then will start working very much later (30 - 120 minutes).  Very frustrating when this happens.

I've tried calling cox tech support about these issues, but they said they can't help me because the location I'm using the Cox wifi is not a location they recognize as having a CoxWifi hotspot.  The address of the place I'm using it is:

Westway Marketplace

2433 S. Seneca

Wichita, KS 67217

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    @dinhdinh666 Hello, signal strength can play a factor regarding connectivity and issues with logging in. How close are you to the WiFi hotspot when this is happening? Also, are you physically moving while using this WiFi hotspot or are you in a stationary position? Will you be able to email us at We may need to obtain additional information, for instance, the username you're using to log in. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      I don't know how far I am from the WiFi hotspot, but my computers (windows 10) show that the signal strength is good.  The computers sit on a table, so no I'm not moving around.  I'll send a copy of this forum post to that email address.