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3 years ago

Cox WiFi Security keeps reporting a non-issue

I have a Western Digital MY CLOUD HOME DUO that Cox WiFi ADVANCED SECURITY keeps having issues with. Sometimes it only reports BLOCKING access from known malicious I.P.s, other times it says I need to TAKE ACTION and may state something like this: Blocked 8 attemps but 5 need you to TAKE ACTION. But the actual reason for this is never stated, nor is the specific threat identified. I am running the current software, have rebooted the device many times, and am not going to QUARATINE it because nothing ever comes of these threats, and the device is useless to me if it is quarantined. Short of disabling ADVANCED SECURITY, what can I do to stop this? I have read online that WD has had issues with backdoor holes in their dashboard software, but there is nothing I can do about that. Thanx.