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5 years ago

Cox WiFi Hot Spot Disconnection

Good Morning!

I have been a long time Cox user, and recently found there is a Cox WiFi Hot spot near my work. I have had the following issue with both my Windows 10 Laptop, and my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Android device. Hoping you might have a solution for me. 🙂

Here is the scenario:

I open up my wifi networks list, and I select the "CoxWifi." I connect, and it re-routes me to the internet browser to log in with my Cox Login Information. When I enter my information, and select :"Login," I get a red pop-up window that says, "unable to connect you right now. please try again later." However, it connects me to the internet service. If I try to reload the page to try logging in again, it brings me to a "page not found" screen. So, since I can't attempt my login again, and I have internet, I just go about my day. Then, roughly an hour later, I lose connection. Then, the only way I can reconnect is by disconnecting from the network, and re-connecting to it, just to run into the same problem I had before. 

So, I'm not quite sure what I should do now. Any Ideas, Cox?

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  • Hello RyuKyu567. Are you having this issue with multiple devices or just one? Also, are you able to login to our website with a different connection? Lastly, are you able to get closer to the hot spot and see if that helps? -Allan
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      Multiple. My Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and my Windows 10 HP laptop. If I use My phone data I can login to Cox and View my profile, and if i use my phones hot spot to connect my laptop, I can access the Cox site there. My connection to the hot spot is Full, I'm not to certain where the actual hot spot is.

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        I recommend clearing cookies and cache on your devices and see if that helps. Also, after attempting to logon to the hotspot, try accessing the website with a new browser window and see if you are able to access the cox website and your account. If you are able to access the internet, then you are logging into the hotspot since logging in is a requirement to access the service. -Allan
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    If the Hotspot allows access without users needing to properly login, the Hotspot is probably overly congested with unauthorized users.  It doesn't seem to be very secure.

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      See, that's the thing! It says I am not logged in (or at least, it says I am not), but it connects me to the wifi. So, is there something wrong with their hot spot?