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4 years ago

Cox Website Revamp Doesn't Work With Chrome

Yesterday (3/26) I tried to log into my Cox account to pay my bill using my Chrome browser. In over 8 years of paying online I have NEVER had an issue...until now. The Log In page now has advertising, because that's what everyone does to make money, and it won't load the log-in fields; it constantly refreshes or repeats a loop between and

I did online chat with a human and they recommended a different browser. I was able to log in through MS Edge but previous to this there was never a problem with Chrome. I tried to point out that this is an issue that should be checked out, but I don't think they were paying attention. Tried logging in again today with Chrome and it's still not working. 

Don't people check their websites against the current browsers anymore? That used to be standard practice.

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