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3 years ago

COX web site Usage MESSED up for 2021 / 2022

COX Usage does not show my 2021 Dec usage anymore when we are in 2022.

The Current Daily Usage tab only shows data for 1/1/2022, and does not show the 2021 data.

My usage resets around the 17th of each month and it should have shown data from 1/1/22 to 12/17/21 but only shows 1/1/22 data !!!

Also got ERROR when I looked at Past Daily Usage tab -- Sorry, your device does not have past daily usage yet. Please check back tomorrow.

Whoever developed the new Web App NEVER tested when it changes to a New YEAR !

Can someone please FIX this so that I can check my daily usage.


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    I had the same issue also, it dropped the daily usage totals for the December time period. Data usage starts on the 5th of every month and ends on the 4th, it's currently showing daily totals only for January, what happened to December?. The whole web app needs to be redesigned to make it easier to navigate through the site.

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      They responded with "Please check back in a few days" so hopefully they're trying to implement a bug fix somewhere :).

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        December 2021 daily data now showing for me...guess they fixed it :).

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      I apologize for the experience and would love the opportunity to investigate your concern. If your having an issue please email our team, please send your account details to

      Jonathan J
      Cox Moderator