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3 years ago

Cox was overcharging me for service they never provided

I had their Premiere 200 service for years that supposed to provide speeds 200Mbps/150Mbps according to the plan but in reality I was getting at most 6Mbps. Cox keep lying to me and blaming on my Modem and other ridiculous excuses so I had their tech come out and confirm that it's on their end. I called Cox Customer Support and tried to see if I can be compensated for being overcharged for years and their rude manager yelled at me with "NO!!! We can't give you discounts!!" so I asked her, April to speak with her supervisor or manager. April said "I'm in charge here and you have to talk to me!" so I told her to I will call their corporate office and complain about her so she eventually said that her manager will contact me within 72 hours.

I don't understand why Cox still has this monopoly over the cable internet service and acting like Dictators with complete disregard for customers. I think Cox should be investigated and/or class action lawsuit filed against them.

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    The 200 Mbps was kinda a scam.  When I initially signed up, I subscribed to their 150 Mbps plan.  A couple years ago, Cox restructured their plans and upgraded (grandfathered) me from 150 to 200 Mbps at the same price.

    Nice, right?  More bandwidth at the same price!  Thanks, Cox!  You're so generous!

    Don't you believe it.  Although I was getting 50 Mb more at the same price, the 150 Mbps plan I had originally subscribed had actually become $10 cheaper during their restructuring.  Cox grandfathered me because Cox didn't want my bill to decrease.

    You need to watch 'em because they'll instinctively rip you off.

    200 Mbps is even listed in their offerings: