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27 days ago

cox transition to yahoo is a cluster

I have spent 4 days attempting to get this transition to work. NO one at cox complete care knows apple mail or iPhone. Royally messed up both my phone and desktop. I have been a cox customer for 30 years and am finished with this horrible customer service. This transition is NOT rocket science. IT SHOULD BE SEAMLESS. Cox is worthless on all levels. I am done with this company. 

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  • Hello. If your email address has already transitioned to Yahoo, then I recommend reaching out to Yahoo directly for support. Yahoo is providing customers with migrated email accounts 90 days of premium support starting the day that you first login to your Yahoo mailbox. You can reach them by calling 1-866-562-7250. 


    If you are having issues with anything dealing with our service, then I recommend sending an email with your full name, address, and a brief description of that concern to 

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      Allan: Yahoo has no incentive to help out cox customers.  These issues should have all been ironed out before any transition.  All of the issues are due to Cox, not Yahoo.   It is completely unprofessional of Cox to just pass the buck to Yahoo.  Cox support should be working directly with Yahoo to fix and address all of these issues.

      Cox should have tested the yahoo pop and imap servers on a testcase first.