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5 years ago

Cox Throttling High Usage Users

Hi Cox, quick question:

Will you be throttling my upstream data because of your persistent capacity issues? How do I know if my neighborhood node will be targeted to go from 35/up to 10/up? I use on average 1.2tb/mo and I'm becoming increasingly worried that Cox is gonna pull the rug out from under me as I'm trying to survive and work from home. I understand this user was using 8x the data I use monthly, but because of this pandemic I literally do not have the option of working anywhere but home. Is Cox going to ruin me and my family financially because you don't invest in capacity properly? Because you didn't have a emergency plan? 

I'm already convinced you're the worst ISP I've ever given money too, now I'm concerned I'll have to break my lease and move if Cox can't manage their network properly, or at the very least not over-sell your nodes.  

Can the community get a definitive answer from Cox on what is the "appropriate amount of data" I should use on my "unlimited data plan" every month before you throttle me?  Can Cox tell us exactly how much data we customers are "supposed to use" that doesn't break Cox's terms and conditions (which are incredibly vague and do not give actual figures). 

For reference I've been in contact with the Cox Executive Escalation team who informed me that my neighborhood node is saturated up to 80% and no work order is placed to fix or split traffic from said node until 3rd quarter. No date to expect, no work order, no further information just a guessing game as to when these constant outages, lag and packet loss will end. 

Just under 1 year as a Cox customer, over 40 techs sent to my residence, 9 months of back and forth with Cox, 3 FCC complaints to simply get them to LOOK at the node and hundreds of hours on the phone with you Cox. Then the pandemic hits and great, everything's worse then ever. 

Thanks Cox! Another reason to stress in the digital age! 

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    this is more of a customer helping customer forum good luck trying to get cox to answer

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    business from home & you need higher upload speeds....sound more like a gamer.

    when i changed from 300/30 ultimate to 500/10 the rep asked if i wanted faster download or upload as a gamer.

    you're saving $$ by not driving to work, just pay for the extra gig.