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Cox support for DOCSIS 3.1

Netgear tells me my ISP is responsible for pushing out firmware upgrades. I have a Netgear CM600 modem and need to know how/who can help upgrade it to DOCSIS 3.1 (currently at DOCSIS 3.0). Any suggestions?

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    Although DOCSIS has versions, its versions are not upgradable.  Updatable, yes, because Cox can update the software on its chipsets with security and performance patches.  It's like an 802.11g router vs. an 802.11ac router:  you'll need a new router.

    You'd really only need to buy a 3.1 if you subscribe to a gigabit plan.  Although 3.0 can technically support gigabit, Cox may be limited to certain types of modulation techniques.

    What plan do you have?

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      thanks Bruce, I have the Ultimate 500 plan. My Netgear CM600 can handle up to 960mb so thought I would be covered. The modem is only a year old and hate to buy a new one or rent one from Cox. 

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         what speed the modem is rated for doesn't matter gigablast require a Docsis 3.1 modem.