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4 years ago

COX Service

My cable receiver box stopped working,  Called Cox support and scheduled a tech visit. He came to my home last Sunday (Feb 14) and ended up replacing the cable box.  For some reason, he replaced it with one that did not have DVR capability (the original did).  After  he left, I discovered  that I no  longer had phone or internet service.  Called Cox again and scheduled another tech visit (hopefully not the same dunce).  He came the following day (Feb 15); a very professional young man, who set everything straight. 

Now I see on my bill an additional $150 charge for 'change in service'.  Can we really take this company seriously?

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    First tech should have accurately replaced your DVR.  Moreover, if first tech disconnected the splitter from the wall, you'd lose Internet and phone.  Tech should have verified your services after replacing cable-box.

    Were you obligated to a contract with Cox?  If you had a "price lock," you can't change services; however the change wasn't your fault.  Send an email to with the following and they'll reconcile everything for you:

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