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4 years ago

Cox says I have used 75% of my data in 20 days

I recently received a text alert saying I have used 75% of my data usage for this billing period which is 1.2 Tbyes total. I myself have temporarily moved to Jax, Florida. I have Xfinity internet service but use my Dads Cox login to watch HBO, ESPN, etc.

My question is this, Does my data allowance for the month get used if you are streaming cox services on another providers internet service?
I have unlimited data internet with Xfinity BTW. If thats not the case could my Dad streaming shows through a Roku box use that much Data?


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      Yeah thats understandable; but 800GB of data from two roku 2 xs boxes that can only stream 1080P video? He only watches the news, albeit all day. I never even touched 50% when I lived there downloading XBONE digital titles.

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        Streaming video uses a ton of data. I had the same problem. I left twitch on all day while I was at work so my dog wouldn't hear outdoor noises and bark all day. Did that for maybe 7 days and got the first data warning I'd ever gotten. Even downloading games and playing extended sessions of online multiplayer didn't use anywhere near as much.