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3 years ago

Cox Panoramic Gateway Wifi router is insanely loud

I upgraded my service recently to get 10 mb/s upload speed and they forced me to rent a new piece of hardware, Panoramic Gateway CGM4141..

I already listen to laptop fans on/off and a refrigerator on/off,   This thing is always on ruining the few peaceful moments that are left in this world.  

I've seen other people mention this, was there any resolution?  Send it back for another of the same thing is a waste of time.  

Can we put this on a really long coax and stick it in the closet?  

Thanks for any advice


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    What was the justification for Cox to "force" you to rent their equipment?  The only thing Cox can force is picking a modem compatible on their network and after picking one, you can go buy it.  You also have to use 1 of their telephone modem but these are free loans.  Cable-box is another story.