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3 years ago

Cox just can't help themselves trying to sneak extra money from us, can they?

They kept raising my speed and monthly bill without asking. So I downgraded to the lowest possible tier for $39.85/mo, but then they sent me a $200 modem that I don't need/want, and I caught UPS at the door and had them return it as refused.

My $39.85 price lasted all of 2 months. Now they raised it up again (without asking me) to some $45/mo  and there's all kinds of confusing charges resulting in a new bill of $84.85 for October. Of course they waited until Sat  to email this new bill, when they are closed until Monday.

Did they think I wasn't going to notice because I'm on Easy Pay?

Cox, really, WTH? 

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    It's unfortunate but you can't trust 'em.