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5 years ago

Cox just added to my list of rip off businesses

I have had cox internet for 15 months now and I received an email the other day there were special discounts on Internet I could revive. I clinked on the link in the email and it presented me with my current plan and the choice of 3 other plans. I signed up for unlimited data usage which for one used to be included but now they charge for it of course. I also thought I had a mid grade package of 30 down 3 up.

I do speed tests frequently because I work from home and I work in IT and I always get about the same around 30 down and 3 up. Which I thought I was paying for. It looks like though I had the 150 down and 10 up package. So I’ve been paying $30 bucks extra for the 150 down but only been getting the 30 down. So I called in to cox sales and brought this up. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t my modem restricting me from getting the speeds I pay for. Well the modem is fine and my devices are fine. So I have been paying an extra $30 for 150 for 15 months which come out to $450.00 worth of Internet I have not been getting. 

they didn’t give a *** and offered me $10.00 off my next bill? Wtf is this a joke? Really I over pay 450.00 and you offer me 10 bucks off my next bill? What bs it’s time to switch to gig fiver from century link for half the cost 

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