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4 years ago

Cox is refusing to downgrade me

I was talking to the loyalty team on Monday the 22nd getting some credits for all the ridiculous performance I had been getting. Before I talked to them, I talked to billing whom I allowed to talk me into upgrading to Gigablast because they were assuring me I'd get better than the 35Mbps upstream. So I let them flip that switch. Then between the time hung up with her and waited for the loyalty team to call me back I did much testing, and found I cannot get anything better than the 35 up. When I talked to Loyalty 15 minutes later I told them I don't want that, it wasn't what was represented to me and to just put me back on the 300/30. They had to submit a ticket to do that. Ticket still isn't done 5 days later. I got charged the extra price because my bill came out today.

There is no functional reason that ticket could not have been addressed within a day. The agent LIED and said I'd be getting much better than the 35. Hell I woulda been happy with 100 up but she was saying I'd get much better than that. NOT the case.

I want this service downgraded back to the ultimate classic plan again and waiting on the phone for a supervisor to talk to is a huge joke and talking to the non-US agents on a Saturday is too. A downgrade takes about 5 seconds with your software. This needs to happen now before I start with BBB and FTC. It was blatent false advertising and push selling for a product that is not available in my area but was represented as such.

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    What you could do is send an email to with the following:
     - URL of This Post
     - Full Name
     - Complete Address