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3 months ago


Service sucks. Always dropping. Mine has been out over 24 hours. No eta anymore. Just broken. They need to communicate more to affected clients! No reason its out 24 hrs without a notice it will be if they are doing a scheduled maintenance or upgrade! Customer service just says sorry and provide a bill credit of 5 dollars which is 8Ùª of my hourly rate. I hate cox and have no other option!

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  • Hi Blakceffect, as someone who works from home, I understand the importance of a reliable internet connection. I'm sorry you've been without service since yesterday and that we've stopped posting an estimated time of repair. There are all sorts of factors that can impact repair estimates. We'd rather not provide an estimated time of repair that we know will be incorrect, and most likely stopped providing repair estimates for that reason. Signing up for text message outage alerts is the best way to stay "in the know" when it comes to updates, as this provides you with an update at the same time it becomes available to support teams like mine. Feel free to email if we can be of further assistance.

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