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6 years ago

Cox Icon in task tray.

How do I put an icon in my task tray that will automatically sign me into Cox email. I'm running Windows 8.1

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    Browsers won't automatically sign you into a website; however, if you save your credentials within the browser, a shortcut (icon) can launch the sign-in page with your username and password waiting for you to press Enter.

    Shortcuts are easy to create but we'd need your specific browser program for the proper step-by-steps.

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      Hi, Bruce.  This is a serious question.  With your credentials saved, can you really get Cox's webmail to launch by just pressing the Enter key?  I have to click "Sign In" or hit the tab key 17 times to advance to the Sign In button and then pressing Enter will work.  That's with Chrome.  IE takes 21 tabs... seriously.  It always annoys me that Cox's programmers won't set the focus on the "Sign In" button (if the User Id and Password boxes are filled in) and launch the program with just an Enter key press.  If you know a feasible workaround, I would seriously like to know what it is.  Thanks.

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        As far as I know, you have to click Sign-in.  Firefox has my credentials already loaded, so that's what I can do.