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3 years ago

Cox hotspot says no internet connection

If my internet ever drops, I use the Cox hotspot. Suddenly this week, I cannot connect to it. I have tried forgetting the network, rebooting and rejoining. I’m having this problem with all of my devices. The hotspot I’m trying to connect to is in the McCormick Ranch area. The zip code is 85258. 
i was recently at a friend’s house in another city and was able to connect to that Cox hotspot with no problem. Please help. I have read all the troubleshooting tips and nothing works. 

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    Hi @ jmb333
    Is it giving you an error when you try to connect or is it not showing the login screen when you try to connect?

    Ben S.
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    maybe the site used as a hotspot is no longer available.

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      It seems it is still there. Even when I try to forget the network, it still shows up as on option