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6 months ago

Cox Home Internet Installation Issue (1 month waiting)

I've been waiting for Cox Internet installation for almost a month. Today, the 4th technician informed me that the fiber cable isn't available in front of my house; it needs to come from across the street. Unfortunately, he can't use fish wire, as mentioned on Jan 17th. Despite visiting the store and contacting Cox customer care, no resolution has been provided. After further follow-up, I learned that a construction team ticket has been raised, but there's a lack of communication. As I work from home, urgently needing internet, please prioritize and provide assistance.  Day by day, it's causing increasing anxiety, stress, and frustration. Is there a way to escalate this issue with Cox management?

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  • Hi VijayBass7, I apologize you have had these issues in getting the service set up. Please reach out to us privately through our email address. Please include your name, full street address, and a link to this forum post.

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    This forum is actually for customers to provide other customer assistance. Your issue will require contacting Cox directly, or through email at -