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3 years ago

Cox gateway hangs

Have cox internet since Jan 2021 and all has been fine. I have a WiFi gateway Arris TG1682G , it connects into a 16 port switch and have the WiFi disabled. I have an orbi access point and about 10 devices. My gateway locks up once a day and I can’t get internet. All lights are on. Looks normal. I cat ping gateway anymore. I connected laptop to it and can’t ping gateway or get dhcp. I have to unplug and reboot to get it going again. Frustrating. I changed out the gateway. I had Cox tech come out and check signal to gateway and all good. What in my network could be causing this. Also my devices can ping each other on the network. Nothing in logs. I’m pulling my hair out. Thinking of putting gateway in bridge mode and using orbi as router. Any help would be appreciated