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4 years ago

Cox Fiber ONT + Orbi WIFI 6 RBK853 getting installed today

Currently, I have Cox Cable running 300Mbps, and using an Arris Modem with Apple Router and Apple Extenders connected. 

Cox has Fiber installed on my street, so today I'm getting Cox Fiber installed at the house; my understanding is that they will install an ONT box at the house, and the Arris Cable Modem gets replaced by a Cox Fiber compatible device (my understanding is that I can't choose a third party device for this replacement).

Then, I am replacing the Apple Routers with an Orbi WIFI 6 Mesh network (Orbi Router with 2 Orbi Extenders).

My question is that there seems to be conflicting information about pairing an Orbi Router with a Cox (true) Fiber installation (as opposed to those who have Gigablast but it's not Cox Fiber).

Some posts say I can't use an Orbi Router--that I have to use a Cox provided Router with a Cox ONT Fiber installation---others including my local wiring guy says that isn't true.  My understanding is that I just cannot use a third party modem---I have to get rid of the Arris and use a Cox provided modem.  Then, I am free to use whatever third party compatible Router I want.

What is the truth as of 10/8/20?  


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  • Hello. You most certainly can use your own stand alone router for the Gigablast service. The router will need to be capable of the speeds and must be a stand alone router. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.