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5 years ago

Cox deleting email access tokens, causes Outlook and Gmail apps to continually request account information

I've been a Cox customer for over 20 years. I'm ready to move on. Cox support always has the same answer for every issue I've ever had... "It's not our problem, it's a problem with (insert other ISP, other company, other service)". Let's try this one:

I used to use the Gmail app on my Android phone to access my Cox email account. Gmail was set up to use IMAP for its incoming server and SMTP for its outgoing server, just as Cox tells you to configure it. Every few days, the Gmail app would say that I needed to re-enter my password. This became a real pain, so spoke with Cox support, and they said it wasn't their problem, it was a Gmail app problem and I needed to contact "whoever makes Gmail". Yeah, they acted like they'd never heard of Gmail or Google. They said their Webmail works, so it's not their problem.

So, now I'm using Outlook. Everything is properly configured and I can send and receive email without problem... Except, you guessed it, every 3 or 4 days, it says I need to re-enter my password! But Outlook prompts me to enter EVERYTHING again (username, IMAP server, SMTP server, passwords etc etc etc). I contacted Microsoft support who told me "The ONLY way this happens, is when the ISP deletes their (Microsoft's) access token." When the access token is removed by the ISP, Outlook cannot log in with the account information previously entered, so it asks for the entire account information again.

I contacted Cox support via online chat, and was told "It's an Outlook problem. We can't troubleshoot Outlook."

It's obviously NOT an Outlook problem, just as it wasn't a Gmail problem before that. Cox is deleting access tokens from 3rd party ISPs. They're doing it regularly, and it causes it's customers problems. Cox's response is to use their Webmail, but using webmail on a phone or tablet is not a viable option. They advertise that their email system is fully compatible with 3rd party email clients, and even give Outlook as an example.

Why is Cox deleting access tokens? How can this be resolved? You're about to lose a long-time customer.

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    Now it's happening to my desktop Outlook too! Every time it tries to send/receive email, it asks for my password again, even though it's stored and already completed in the password prompt. Simply pressing enter retrieves my email.

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    Phone support is at least actually looking into this. They semi-admitted there might be a problem, since webmail was having difficulties too! Supposedly they're gonna call me back in 24-78 hours.,if they do, that'll be the first time in 20nyewrs they've kept their promise!

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      @Jyunte. What version of Outlook are you trying to use? Also, what is the OS of your device? Lastly, please make sure that you have Outlook set to not prompt you for the logon credentials. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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        My software and operating systems are all fully updated. Outlook on the two Windows 10 desktop computers (one Win 10 Pro, the other Win 10 Home) both have the exact same problem. They are both configured correctly and are not set to prompt for login credentials. In fact, when the login prompt comes up, the IMAP server name, my user name, my password and the "Save password" checkbox are already propagated with the correct information. Outlook on my Android phone requests account information every 3 or 4 days, as it seems that's how long the email access token expiration is set to.

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    I have been having this same problem for several months now as well. Same runaround with Cox support. I think they're trying to make it a bad enough experience to force everyone to change to something else so they can just let it die. If someone figures this out, please post something. Definitely a Cox problem, not an Outlook (or Gmail) problem. I've been playing into their game by changing most of my logins to a new email address, but it's frustrating because I've used my Cox email address for over 10 years. Ugh.

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      The worst thing about this is that once this happens, it is as if Outlook forgets all of my filter rules that I have set up to reroute all of the spam email that Cox REFUSES TO FILTER ON THEIR END into the trash bin.  The rules will be there, I’ll run them on existing items in the inbox, but they don’t work unless I create a duplicate of the same rule.  I’ve had to create 6, 7, even 10 of the same rule and it is VERY FRUSTRATING.  All because I have to re-confirm my password every few days.