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Cox changes SSL iPhone 12 Users cannot send e-mail.

I have a new iPhone 12.  My Tech and I have now spent almost 12 hours and 2 weeks trying to get COX home e-mail to be able to send on the phone.  Still no results.

COX blames the phone (Apple) Apple blames the carrier(Verizon) Verizon blames the e-mail host (COX)

My IT tech and I have come to the conclusion that COX email servers are looking for a TLS encrypted tunnel before it will initiate an encrypted packet with SSL. The Apple phones will no longer let you choose to do this.

Has anyone found a way to fix these issues?

Just in case you think we have not done the obvious at least 30 times, plus had Apple support, COX support, Verizon Support all do the same things.

The account has been removed and reset.

The phone has been updated/.

The phone has been reset.

The Account has been tested on PC Windows Mail, Android Phone, Outlook 365, and Web-based (with three different browsers). they all work fine and set up with no problems. Password has been changed.

We have tried using just the name as the user name

We have tried using the full email address as the user name

We have tried without SSL

We have tried password Authentication and NTLM Authentication

The phone receives e-mail, so we know we entered the right password.

We have tried port Incoming 110,993,995, outgoing 25,465,587, and yes we realize this is a mix of POP and IMAP and SMTP, but we are and were desperate to try anything.

We tried every combination of the above.

We have deleted all other email accounts

We set up an exchange account and it can send e-mail.

We check time zones.


Also, did anyone find any solution to this same issue that over 16,000 people looked at, that has no solution and was closed before anyone could find one?

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    Hello @Ridemcowboy,

    I know how frustrating email setup can be after a change in settings. That is a lot of man-hours and if your tech is charging you a lot of money. No worries, I can help and we are here for you. I would first like to ask you to check your outbox for any messages that have gotten stuck there due to not being able to send. Clear them all. Secondly, if you check your email on multiple devices to include your iPhone 12. Please put all other devices in Airplane Mode. This way you are solely working with the iPhone only. Then you the link I have provided to assist you with setting your email up on the iPhone correctly according to the correct platform the email app is using(POP3 or IMAP). If this does not work. Please reach us on Twitter at @CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or email us at Provide us the name on the account with the complete service address with a link to this thread so we can get started.

    Crystal S.
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    are you letting the phone do an auto setup, or setting up manually??

    older but both 6+/8+ use ssl.