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5 years ago

Countour not playing content

Contour not playing on browser on PC. Running windows 10. Page will open as normal and when I select live tv and then a show, i get the following:

1. Attempting to resume...

2. This video cannot be played

followed by an error code (Error TVAPP-00210)

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  • Does it happen on all channels, or just specific.  Could you try to toggle On/Off the Sound slider located under the Language icon on the lwr rt.  Many have been experiencing no sound or blank stuck screens, lots of threads about this in Forum.  Your market could also have a Outage from Cox.  Are you on an IPad or PC has also been different.

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    Hello. I know this was really frustrating, and I’m sorry for the trouble. What browser are you using to view Contour? Please try to clear your cookies and cache on your browser. If that does not work. Try a different browser. If the issue persists. Try logging on to your Cox account at and click on "Watch TV Online."

    Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    Hi Ajgringo619, what browser are you using? Here is an article which provides information on the minimum requirements and supported devices, -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    Having the same problem with frozen streaming live tv channels on my desktop. No fix from Cox chat support or phone support, only a sales pitch to add panoramic wi-fi. Ugh. 

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      So jlc8131...I'm guessing that the SAP (s key) slider did not work or that you got sound and it was Spanish.  Different markets get different no sound or stuck displays.  Are you getting Spanish as your SAP?  Even the different Browsers, some that need Adobe Flash fail.  

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      Hi Jlc8131, are other websites also impacted by buffering/freezing? Does this occur on all devices such as smartphones, other PC's, laptops, and/or tablets? Are all channels impacted or is it only a few channels? -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator