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30 days ago

Continuous event code 16 OFDM Profile Failure

I initiated Cox service 10 months ago. Everything was fine until about a month or two ago when the Internet would go out intermittently. Recently, the frequency of outages has increased. Tech visited today and verified signal strength was within specs. Motorola MB8611 (Cox-certified) modem, direct line from street to modem (no splitters etc). 

I logged into the modem to review the connection and event log. Signal strength looks OK. But event log shows continuous type 16 FEC errors with around 1 - 2 min intervals. OFDM/OFDMA Profile ID: 0 1 2 3 and 0 2 3. Followed within around 20 sec by type 24 recovery. 

My interpretation (please correct me if I am wrong) for these errors is that there was a burst of noise on the line that produced errors causing the modem to temporarily switch to a more robust OFDM profile, followed by the modem switching back to the original profile after the noise was cleared up.

There is a direct connection from the street to my modem (no couplers, splitters, amplifiers etc). The interior house coax cable is in in good shape, with home built in 2002. The tech that originally installed the modem cut back the co-ax before crimping on a Cox-approved male co-ax end. The power supply for the modem is plugged directly into the mains (no surge protector). 

This issue affects my ability to work from home. Any suggestions what needs to be done to rectify this ? Thanks.

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