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Constant Trouble calls and no help

I have called several times about poor Internet service at my house. A tech will come out (Usually a contractor) and say welp it works now, bye. and then ill be stuck with outages for 4-7 nights straight. Then it will work for a while as intended and then this process happens all over again. I just had to cancel a trouble call because he was supposed to be here between 1-3 and then had an ETA of 3:30 and then at 4pm the phone rep just said "sorry, but i can send him a note to maybe call you and see if he sees it". I just canceled the appointment. I truly wish Cox and other cable companies didnt have regional agreements to not compete with each other because if there was an actual high speed internet provider in OKC other than Cox I would switch in a heartbeat even if the cost was 4X per month higher. Their level of service is as pathetic as it can be and they KNOW that if a customer in OKC wants actual high speed internet that they HAVE to use them. 

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    Hello, we want you to enjoy the products and services Cox has to offer without any interruptions, and we're sorry you're experiencing these ongoing issues. I am detecting telemetry issues on the modem, and I believe this may be the reason for the intermittent connectivity. I feel the best course of action would be to send out a service technician. For additional assistance, please email us at -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    i've also spent a lot of time calling + chat with "0" results.