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5 years ago

Constant T3/T4 time outs

I've been having almost daily T3/T4 timeouts on my modem. Once it happens, connectivity is down unless I power cycle the modem. I've taken all splitters off the line, tried different outlets, and tried with different splitters and nothing is helping.

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    Hello, as far as connectivity decreasing, are you on a hard-wired or wireless connection when this happens? Would you be able to perform a speed test on a hard-wired connection, using the Cox Internet Speed Test tool, I am seeing potential signal issues with the modem, and it may be best to send out a service technician. Please don't hesitate to send us an email at -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      All connectivity is lost, wired and wireless. I am getting my advertised speeds when I run a test. 

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        I have same issues, and same speed tests. This happens every 6-9 months and we are told we need to upgrade.  I think it is a sales gimmick.  They always seem to fix when they come out, but never can give me an exact reason.