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Constant packet loss for multiple years. Multiple tech visits have not helped, given up on calling.

Hi, as the title says we've been dealing with constant packet loss since we moved in here. We initially tried calling cox, and we had probably half a dozen techs come out over the span of a few months. We've had our modem (Arris TG1682G) replaced twice, all our cables all the way out to the pole replaced, and yet the packet loss has not stopped. Some months are better than others, but most months our ping plotter graphs will look like this.

Today (10/8/2019)



This will last anywhere from 10 minutes, an hour, to the entire day.

There's plenty more images like this somewhere, I've shown them to techs who mostly repeat something similar to "I can't use this since it's not happening right now". We've even had a tech come out and say he put in a maintenance request, to later find out from the next tech the following week there was never a request made.

We've narrowed it down to it being entirely an outbound packet issue, for example talking in a voice chat, I will still hear people talking even though ping plotter is showing packet loss, and no one else will be able to hear me.

As for calling techs, not only is it mostly useless, it's an absolute hassle to get someone out having to navigate through the tier 1 tech support person who insists on restarting our modem and then saying they'll have to charge us for a tech to come out (which is ridiculous by the way.).

To make all this worse, we've now been getting multiple hour outages nearly every week around 12am to 8am which is very annoying.

If we could switch providers, we would in a heartbeat, there is no other option in our area.

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