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18 days ago

Consistent Network Outages in my area over the last few weeks/months

I am seriously at a lost for words here. My service has been dropping substantially over the past few weeks. Multiple times a day on some occasions and before anyone comes saying it's on my end. I get the handy little "an outage has been detected in your area, we are working hard to resolve it" text message. I go hours without resolution (2 to 4 hours roughly) each time. What is going on with your infrastructure? I get updates and maintenance are needed from time to time but someone clearly has this I hear back from a competitor, I am moving services. Been a Cox customer for 15 years but no one wants to answer my questions or phone calls. It's sad, truly.


A very frustrated customer 

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  • Hello. I'm sorry that you find yourself in an outage. If you need assistance please reach out to us at

    Thank you,

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  • I’m in the same boat. This is the 3rd outage I have experienced since I got back in town Thursday. What’s going on? 

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    This happens to me almost everyday the past few months. I just changed providers I will never go with Cox again. Saturday can’t come soon enough until I ship back all my equipment. Awful service.

  • We are having the same issue. We've been totally down for 48 hours and have had one text update. Absolutely unacceptable for 4 WFM people in our house.

  • Hi, Uwadams85142,

    I apologize that there is an outage reportedn in your area. We want to help check on it. Please reach out to us privately so we can start looking into this. Our email address is Please include your name, full street address, and a link to your forum post.