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So I’m a pretty new member for Cox... it’s been just over a month and without any problems! Which is really good since I’m a student during the summer and full time throughout the year, so I REALLY need consistency! Well, today was my first problem. So I came home from working all day and my Internet was working this morning but I came back and it wasn’t working and the US/DS light is flashing. Called support line, they couldn’t do anything besides tell me to turn it off then back on. Now, I have to wait 3 days until I can even get a tech out here to even look at it! As a full time student and full time two job employee, I can’t afford three days without internet. I expected better customer service from the support lines and at least something available next day for help restoring the connection... now I’m going to have to figure out how to get all my assignments done without my laptop, considering they’re all online, this won’t be a walk in the park if it’s even possible. Definitely not what I had expected in my first 2 months of being a customer. There needs to be more options for fixing internet that is down rather than simply, “unplug, then plug back in”. And on top of that, a $75 maintainance fee at “the technicians discretion”!? Are you kidding me? Once again, I am a college student, paying for his own schooling, his own apartment, and his own internet service bill. I don’t have $75 laying around to dish out to someone at their own discretion. The fact that I haven’t touched the modem (which I rent from cox) since installation or any of the cords near it or connected to it, and I haven’t had any previous problems whatsoever, leads me to believe this is a “Cox” problem. AND on top of ALL of this, some way, somehow, they messed up my address? And have my service at the completely wrong address which I can’t change until Monday of course, and I have to go in to the store, mind you, this is where I purchased the service initially. So since I had set up the service in person, there shouldn’t have been ANY confusion whatsoever. But no my service is registered at the complete wrong address. The numbers aren’t even similar to my current address and neither is the street! It makes no sense as to why this mistake was made and really upsets me that I should even have to deal with this before I’ve even been in service for 2 months! So thanks for adding another good load of stress on an already stressed out college student. Time to wait 3 days to hear from someone. 

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    Hi NikeAddict96,

    Sounds like there is an issue with the modem getting a signal to it. Are you aware of any splitters/amps connected to the cable line coming from the outlet going to the back of the modem? If so, are you able to bypass it and directly connect the cable from the outlet to the back of the modem to see if this helps?

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