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connection timed out on webmail sign-on.

Had to add to the Anti-Banner allowed sites in Kaspersky, to prevent cox connection timed out on webmail sign-on.

Just started 11/18/2020, so guessing Cox added Banners to webmail sign-on.

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    Interesting. 11/26/2020 and I have had the same problem the past few days. Two Chat room visits have not fixed the problem.

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      @CA Nel, If your virus scanner is blocking our login page, you will need to either create an exception or you will need to temporarily bypass your scanner when accessing your email. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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    i don't see any banners on 2 activated cell phones or this pc when signing on to cox..

    kaspersky probably wouldn't like adblock plus, which eliminates adds for me on all devices.